Torah Tidbits and Haftarah Highlights

Jan. 5 - Parshat Va-ayra - pp. 359 - 365

Moses went to see Pharaoh three times early in

the morning to request the freedom of the

Israelites and to announce three upcoming

plagues (7:15, 8:16, and 9:13). Why do we focus

on a nighttime ritual and have Seder at night?

Haftarat Va-ayra – pp. 370 - 373

Check out p. 372 verses 13-14. Why does God

say He will restore Egypt in the same paragraph

as He promises to hand Egypt over to Babylon?

Jan. 12 - Parshat Bo - pp. 387 – 394

Why do we have Seder at night?

Haftarat Bo - pp. 396 – 398

On p. 397 God promises to destroy Egypt by

handing her into the hands of Babylon. On p.398

God promises to safeguard Israel from all

enemies. Why is this Haftarah partnered with this

Torah reading?

Jan. 19 - Parshat Beshalach - pp. 406 – 412

This text looks different from other text passages?

What is different? Why does it look strange?

Haftarat Beshalach - pp 427 – 430

How does this Haftarah resemble the Parshah?

What is the connection between the Torah

passage and the prophetic passage?

Jan. 26 - Parshat Yitro – pp. 432 – 450


world without the 10 WORDS (in Hebrew called

Aseret Ha-Dibrot!). How exceptional our world is

because of our ancestors! Come to Shul and

make a MInyan in order that we all hear these

Divine words for the very first time!

Haftarat Yitro - pp. 452 – 455

Which passage from the Prophets could possibly

line up with the 10 WORDS? The Prophetic text

would need to be exceptional to be a worthy

partner to the 10 Statements. Check out the

reading and see if you agree with the ancient

sages who selected this prophetic passage.

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