Torah Tidbits and Haftarah Highlights

Nov. 3 - Parshat Chayei Sarah - pp. 139 – 141

You know Abraham and Sarah were married and

that Sarah brokered a marriage for her husband

with Hagar in order that he father a child. Did you

know that Abraham married again after Sarah

died? Find her name in this chapter. Find his

response to what happened during this marriage.

Haftarat Chayei Sarah - pp. 143 - 145

As King David anticipates his death he appoints an

heir to succeed him. Who is critical to his

becoming aware of the need to make the

appointment? Is this similar to Abraham’s

arranging for a marriage for Isaac (in order that

Isaac have a son)?

Nov. 10 - Parshat Toledot - pp. 157 - 161

What is Esau’s first response to the blessing he

receives from Father Isaac? After Jacob leaves

home, what is Esau’s second response to the

blessing he received? How are these reactions


  Haftarat Toldot - pp. 163 - 165

Malachi begins his speech with a brief talk about

Esau and Jacob. His main thought has nothing to

do with these two men. His main thought is about

loyalty and honor and he is trying to persuade the

Israelites to view God in these terms.

He brings up Esau and Jacob to poetically

underscore loyalty through the lens of familial

bonds. What does this have to do with the



 Nov.17 - Parsha Vayetzei - pp. 183 - 187 

Have you ever seen or heard of a piece of jewelry

called a Mizpah? Did you know it comes from

Torah? After Jacob fled to Syria and married, he

eventually began a journey to return to Canaan.

His angry father-in-law, Laban, intercepted him.

After a terrible disagreement they agreed to part

ways…at Mizpah. How does the Mizpah pendant

come to bear its current meaning?


Haftarat Vayetzei - pp. 189 - 193

Prophet Hosea brings up the idea of golden calves

and idol worship (probably from the Mt. Sinai

debacle), but he begins his speech with a reminder

that Jacob fled to Syria and there married and had

children. He may be putting forth the message

that adults have to set a proper spiritual tone for

their kids and for themselves by observing true

monotheism as opposed to idolatry. What do you



Nov. 24 - Parshat Vayishlach – pp. 214 - 220

After the short description of Rachel’s death we

read a long description of Esau’s lineage. Esau,

nicknamed Edom, may have been a redhead. His

first-born status as Isaac’s son should have made

him a central figure in Jewish history. Instead,

centuries later, he and his tribe become known as

enemies of Israel. How many tribes did he father?

Is the Torah giving us any indication as to how to

view Esau and his people?

Haftarat Vayishlach - pp. 222 – 225


You can read it in 10 minutes. Its main goal is to

address Esau's descendants who are called

Edomites. The entire book of Obadiah is focused

on a non-Israelite tribe. Can you discern Obadiah's


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