Shabbat Thoughts- Giro(The Italian version of Tour de France)

Updated: Jun 29, 2018

On May 4 ( this Friday) the Giro d’Italia launches in Jerusalem. It's the first time the Italian version of the Tour de France will start anywhere outside of Europe. It's a big deal.

But the decision to start the race in Israel wasn’t made by chance.  

While the cyclists navigate the streets, and all eyes are on Jerusalem, we can learn about an Italian cyclist who saved 800 Jews from the Nazis and risked his life , without any desire for reward or accolades.

We have all heard about Lance Armstrong but I had never heard of three-time Giro d’Italia winner and two-time Tour de France champion Gino Bartali. Thanks to Jerusalem we can all enjoy this short video of a true hero. He used his bicycle not just to win races , but to save 800 Jewish lives from the Nazis (with the help of some priests and singing nuns).

With gratitude to all who made it possible for Israel to be appreciated on the world stage this weekend...and may we continue to remember and learn. 

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