Parshat Mishpatim – Ki Tissa

Feb. 2 - Parshat Mishpatim –

pp. 475 - 480

While Israel is at Sinai, God is described

as sending forth an angel of great

protective power to escort Israel as it

begins to depart. What is the nature of this

angel and its role? Does this surprise you?

Haftarat Mishpatim –

pp. 482 – 484

The Parshah speaks of freedom, but

Jeremiah in the Haftarah witnesses very

painful treatment by the Jews of his own

time. Jeremiah lives about 700 years after

Moses. What does Jeremiah experience? 

Feb. 9 - Parshat Terumah –

pp. 495 – 498

What are cherubim? Why are they

mentioned in 3 different places in the same

Torah reading (p.488 v.18, p.491 v.1,

p.495 v.31)?

Haftarat Terumah –

pp. 500 – 502

The Haftarah describes the building of the

Temple, while the Parshah describes the

Tabernacle. How is Solomon’s work

different from Moses’s?

Feb. 16 - Parshat Tetzaveh –

pp. 513 – 518

The incense altar is described as being

MOST HOLY (verse 30:10), but the animal

altar in the prior reading is not ( p. 497,

verse 27:8). Why?

Haftarat Tetzaveh –

pp. 520 - 522

The Haftarah is a speech by Ezekiel

describing dimensions of an altar and

resembles the parshah. Ezekiel introduces

one small, but distinct, element (p. 520,

verse 43:11). How is Ezekiel’s worldview

different from that of Torah?

Feb. 23 - Parshat Ki Tissa –

pp. 538 - 546 

Famously, after the Golden Calf, Moses

asks to see God’s face before continuing

to escort Israel through the wilderness.

Why didn’t Moses ask to see God’s face

before during the exceptionally demanding

Exodus from Egypt?

Haftarat Ki Tissa –

pp. 548 – 551

Did you know that we Jews once had a

King named Ahab? He was very cruel and

he threatened Elijah. A famous face-off

takes place in this Haftarah. Elijah is nearly

destroyed, but saved miraculously. The

last verse leaves the intriguing Haftarah

and enters the Yom Kippur prayer service.

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