Rosh Hashanah

  Erev              Friday September 18  6:00PM


 Day 1             Saturday September 19 9:00AM-1PM

 Day 2            Sunday September 20 9:00AM-1PM


Tashlikh            To Be Announced


Kever Avot                  To Be announced


Kol Nidre      Sunday October 27 6:30PM

Yom Kippur    Monday October 28 9:00AM-2PM


           Rabbi's Discussion       4:30PM-5PM

          Mincha and Neilah   5:00PM-7PM


Sukkot Festival    Sunday October 4  6pm





Lulav Service                            To Be Announced

Yixkor for Shemini Atzeret     To Be Announced
Simchat  Torah                    Sunday, October 10 6:30PM 

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